About the festival

The Tartini Festival is an international music festival dedicated to the Piran-born maestro Giuseppe Tartini. Programme directors and founders of the festival, Jasna Nadles and Milan Vrsajkov, have in the past fourteen years strived to bring eminent, world renowned performers to Piran and the Slovene Istria. The Tartini Festival 2015 – Piran and the Slovene Istria will be its fourteenth edition and our dear guests and lovers of antique, classical music will again be able to enjoy performances by distinguished musicians.

The festival takes place in the Primorska region, with the majority of events taking place in Piran, which does not host all that many classical music events, let alone baroque music performances. The festival has already contributed significantly to the cultural profile of the region and the country, and has from the very beginning received the support and praise of discerning critics and musicians as to the choice and presentation of accomplished performers.

The festival presents a series of artistic events of the highest calibre and has won high praises from the critics as well as the visiting public year upon year. This undoubtedly contributes to the festival and the country gaining steadily increasing relevance on the international stage.

In 2002 the Tartini festival started out with four classical music concerts. Four years later there were seven well attended concerts at the Golden Tartini Festival and one open-air concert of the Tartini Junior programme. Some of the leading baroque musicians appeared together for the first time at the main event in the church of St. George: violinist Giuliano Carmignola, bassoonist Sergio Azzolini and cellist Christophe Coin. A part of the ticket proceeds was donated to the UNICEF, specifically for the children of Darfur. In 2006 the festival also proudly stepped over the boundaries of the Piran municipality and presented a concert in the Koper Regional Museum. The growing success of the festival has been continuing with 10 concerts on the programme within a two week time frame in 2009, which brought a more intense festival atmosphere. The festival ensemble „Il Terzo Suono “ has in the past four editions accompanied eminent soloists and let us not forget the distinctiveness and comparative advantage of the festival, its own festival production. It is an unique interpretation of compositions, which is the fruit of several days of joint labour of the great musicians, a synergistic reinterpretation of the pieces that each musician prepares at home. Last year's novelties included the Tartini Junior project, which will be again presenting talented young musicians in Koper every Thursday in July and August.