Cenacolo Musicale Orchestra

Cenacolo Musicale Orchestra
Cenacolo Musicale Orchestra

Sunday   25. 8. 2019   20:30

Franciscan Monastery in Piran

Artistic direction: Donatella Busetto, harpsichord


Giuseppe Maria Orlandini: Opera “Bacocco e Serpilla”

Libretto: Antonio Salvi


Opera Buffa is a genre of opera that emerged out of Venice in the early 1700’s.  Though it found its greatest success and fortune in the lands of Naples its roots are firmly Venetian.  At the turn of that century opera was seen as a serious art form.  Opera Buffa was the creation of a funny counterpart that was intended to raise spirits, exploit comic situations, gags, misunderstandings and disguises.  All elements that were not included in the “serious” works.

Bacocco e Serpilla, by Giuseppe Maria Orlandini, with a libretto by Antonio Salvi, had its first performance probably in Venice between 1718 and 1719, though it is understood to have been first performed in Verona in 1715. As an opera it went onto great success and was performed at opera houses from Paris to Vienna.  Querelle des Bouffons and Serva Padrona of Pergolesi are other examples of successful Buffa operas. 

Bacocco e Serpilla tells the story between (a husband), stubborn player, who loses endless fortunes to the game, and his wife, who constantly but unnecessarily scolds him, and finally decides to use a judge to be defended. The judge, however, is the same husband in disguise and when Serpilla gives in to the flattery of the new character, reveals his true identity! Serpilla is forced to live in misery but at their last meeting, the spark of love is rekindled and the story ends with an unexpected happy ending!