Europeo Barocco

Europeo Barocco
Europeo Barocco

Monday  23. 8. 2021   20:30

Franciscan Monastery in Piran

The art of the violin at the threshold of classicism

Gianpiero Zanocco, violin
Federico Toffano, cello
Donatella Busetto
, harpsichord



  • Pietro Antonio Locatelli (1695–1764): Sonata op. 8 N 6 in E Flat Major for violin and b.c. 
  • Gaetano Pugnani (1731–1798): Sonata op. 3 N 4 in g minor for violin and b.c.


  • Giuseppe Tartini (1692–1770): Sonata op. 2 N 1 in g minor for violin and b.c.
  • Pietro Antonio Locatelli (1695–1764): Sonata op. 6 N 12 in d minor for violin and b.c.


The Sonatas within the programme were composed at the end of the mid-1700s and constitute a cornerstone of the development of instrumental virtuosity.

Compositionally, they clearly contribute to the detachment from Baroque formalisms towards an eighteenth-century conciseness. They therefore live from this pulse to abandon the counterpoint structure, of Baroque derivation, towards the greater harmonic rarefaction, a forerunner of the emerging Classicism ...

Europeo Barocco

Europeo Barocco

Ensemble Europeo Barocco was founded by Donatella Busetto through the collaboration of  musicians sharing professional preparation, concert activity and interest in the Baroque genre. The group’s repertoire ranges from instrumental music to sacred and secular cantatas by 17th and 18th century authors, up to the authors of the late Baroque and early Classicism.

Instrumental and vocal groups include solo voice repertoire with basso continuo, duets for soprano and alto with violins and basso continuo, solo voice and string quartet and basso continuo, harpsichord duo, concerts for solo instrument and strings, vocal quintet .

The group has performed concerts in Italy and abroad in prestigious festivals: Festival Dimanche Musique Corpataux-Friburgo; Festival Anton Lucio Vivaldi-TS, Festival Parco in Musica-Terni; Festival Barocco di Viterbo; Festival Barokko-Trento; Festival Cusiano di Musica Antica-Lago d’Orta, Mittelfest-Cividale, Festival Opera Barocca-Praga, il Festival Carniarmonie (UD), il Pan Opera Festival di Panicale (PG), Vicenza in Lirica, Tartini Festival. In November 2016 he published the CD Duetti da camera Se con stille frequenti, for Arcana-Outhere label, with the participation of Sara Mingardo, available on the major digital platforms, collecting excellent appreciations by the most important Italian and foreign specialized magazines, between which L’Avant-Scène Opéra, Musica, Classic Voice, Amadeus, and the prestigious international Gramophone.