Tea Čerenak, guitar,
Danijela Krstovič, guitar

Tea Čerenak


Tea Čerenak started playing guitar at the age of five, and completed her junior and secondary music education in Velenje. She is currently continuing her studies at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana under the tutelage of Professor Katja Porovna Silič. During these years she has acquired a lot of musical knowledge and has participated in various competitions in Slovenia and abroad, winning numerous prizes. She has participated in numerous guitar festivals, such as the Zagreb Guitar Festival, the Postojna Guitar Festival, seminars with world-renowned professors and summer schools, such as the International Summer School Postojna 2018, 2019 and 2022, the International Summer School in Brač 2019 with Professor Anders Miolino, the Margarita Escarpa in Samobor 2021, the International Summer School Musicae Labacensis 2020 in Ljubljana, and the Summer School in Dubrovnik with guitarist Petrit Çeku. She is also a member of the Slovenian Guitar Teachers Association EGTA.

Danijela Krstovič


Danijela Krstović started her musical education at the Primary Music School in Tivtu (Montenegro) in the class of Mirela Mudresa. During her studies she won several prizes at the Festival of Young Musicians of Montenegro and continued her studies at the Secondary Music School “Vida Matjan” in Kotor in the class of Romeo Lukšić. She is currently studying at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana with Professor Andrej Grafenauer. She has attended numerous seminars with world-renowned professors such as Anders Miolin, Evangelina Mascardi, Paolo Pegoraro, Kyuhee Park, Petrit Çeku, Maroje Brčić, Hubert Käppel, Tomas Offermann, Nejc Kuhar, Jure Cerkovnik, David Pavlovits, etc. She has also performed at the Kotor Art Festival (2020), the VIVUM project (2021) and the Guitar Art Summer Festival (2021).

The guitar duo DANTEA is attending the 2nd year of Bachelor studies and has been working since October 2022 under the mentorship of Katja Porovna Silič. This year they won 1st prize and a gold plaque at the international competition in Krško with 99 points. They also took part in a concert by exchange students at the Academy in Zagreb and performed in the Bettet Hall of the Academy of Music in Ljubljana as part of the Tutti cycle. As a duo, they have participated in seminars with renowned professors such as Petrit Çeku and Florian Palier.In the future, they will continue to participate in international festivals, where they will improve their skills in seminars and summer schools.


  • Milan Tesar
  • Enrique Granados
  • Jerko Novak
  • Sergio Assad
  • Carlo Domeniconi
  • Paulo Belinatti